Bruno and Handicare (Sterling) Stairlifts

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Bruno and Handicare(Sterling) stair lifts come with an excellent warranty and our company offers a 1 year labor warranty on all stair lifts that we install.  We offer installation by a licensed elevator installer. Under Michigan law, your stair lift must be installed by a factory trained installer.  Certain stair lift applications require that a licensed elevator installer install the stair lift and obtain a permit from the Elevator Safety Division of the Michigan Department of Labor.(We will obtain this for you).  Beware of out-state internet companies offering you an inferior stair lift leaving you with stair lift no one will service when it breaks down.
Wherever you live, please give us a call for stair lift information, pricing, or to schedule a free home stairway inspection. We’ll come to your home, inspect your stairway and recommend the best stair lift for you.

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