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Seats that Turn Lives Around — Graceful Assistance.

“When did it become hard to get in and out of my own car? I didn’t see that one coming!” You never do. Well, that’s not true. Sometimes a catastrophic event alters mobility in the blink of an eye. But, all too often, the slow erosion of dexterity is a creeping, subtle culprit. One day, the normal twisting, turning, or climbing required to get into and out of a vehicle becomes a challenge.

Valet® Signature Seating by Bruno Independent Living Aids removes that challenge in style. Marvelous automotive seats that rotate…some that even move up and down for a perfect transfer height…will change your life. And, there’s nothing to these luxurious seats that says “medical” or “disabled.” The words that come to mind are “elegant,” “convenient,” and “What will they think of next?”

You’ve always been a person of action. Hopping in your car and going at a moment’s notice. You can stay that way.

Valet seats are designed for practically every type of vehicle. Love those high riding SUVs? Pickup trucks more to your liking? It doesn’t matter. Bruno can match your lifestyle and your vehicle with a turning seat that will deliver independence.

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