Service Center – Midland

Wheelchair Van Repair and Maintenance Service

It is our belief that regular maintenance of your vehicle will prolong its life, promote safety, improve its performance and increase its resale value.  In the event you want to wait for your vehicle you can enjoy cable TV and coffee in our waiting area.

Services We Can Perform

  1. Van Lift Service
  2. Complete Lift Installation
  3. Hand Control Service
  4. Tie Downs
  5. Accelerator and Brake Extenders
  6. Adaptive Equipment Repairs
  7. Brakes
  8. Auxiliary Battery Installations
  9. Scooter Lifts Installed
  10. Much More ……….

Lift Inspection and Maintenance Check List

  • Inspect and lube door hinges & friction stops on doors around lift
  • Check pendant mount wires and connections
  • Deploy lift to ground position, remove cover and check fluid levels
  • Inspect all wiring connectors under pump housing cover
  • Inspect all limit switches
  • Inspect manual pump for proper operation
  • Inspection of all hydraulic hoses for leaks, cracks or imperfections
  • Inspection of all hydraulic vent hoses
  • Inspection of stow latch operation and clean
  • Inspection of all deploying springs
  • Inspect, clean and lube bridge plate hinges
  • Inspect bridge plate actuator arms and cables
  • Inspect hydraulic cylinders for leaks or loose fitting parts
  • Inspect safety strap and the operation of safety strap limit switches
  • Inspection of safety stow weight restriction
  • Inspection of lift base and arms for any stress marks or cracks
  • Check all bolts for correct torques
  • Inspection of all retaining clip rings
  • Inspect roll-stop mechanism for proper operation
  • Inspect roll-stop hoses and cylinder for no imperfections
  • Inspect, clean and lubricate all moving parts (arms and pivot points)
  • Inspect battery terminals for corrosion or improper connections
  • Inspect power supply cable from battery to the lift
  • Inspect all connectors on circuit breaker
  • Correct any minor repairs or adjustments @ n/c. Only to prevent our customers from further service appointments or other inconvenience.

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Service Center - Midland

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